Best Cordless Drill For All Projects

Best Cordless Drill For All Projects
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We tend to reserve household repair activities for Saturday and Sunday or government holidays. For some, it is the best opportunity to explore their hidden talent in carpentry, electrical and plumbing, for others it is another mundane chore that needs to be done with precision.

Whatever the reason might be, without appropriate tools, tasks like fixing broken wooden gates, fastening screws, hanging a painting, tightening a loose bolt, etc. are strenuous and boring. By understanding people’s requirements, we came up with the best drills that are portable, durable and energy efficient. Drill sets are the best helper tool for those who prefer to do their everyday household works like electrical, plumbing, and woodworking jobs all by themselves. These tools are easy and safe to use. After numerous hours of research online, reading market experts and woodworkers who operate with hundreds of models of drills every day, we analyzed these new releases. We picked the favorite among them on the basis of ease of access, pricing and ergonomics.

Our pick: Dewalt DCD771 is the best cordless drill

After innumerable online searches, the market analysis of sales figures, customer reviews and extensive tests conducted by experts in this field, the Dewalt DCD771 model seems to win the race among others. The Dewalt DCD771C2 20V Max Lithium Ion compact drill and driver set is available for purchase online at amazon.com and other e-commerce websites at the most affordable price, which is around $130. The price is very nominal for its excellent performance. This model is also known as homeowner model as it is easy to handle and has the smooth turning clutch ring with a three-speed transmission model with graphics. This guy came first in all the mechanical screw drilling tests and has impressed experienced woodworkers with its caliber.

This 3.6 pound weighing lightweight drill can enter any compact place and can do the job in perfection. It comes with an inbuilt LED light right above the trigger to illuminate the region of operation. Also, most of the home repair activities like fixing broken screws, railings, joining pieces of wood, etc. are done quickly with minimal human effort and less power consumption by varying the operational speed. Thus, cost and efficiency are the two reasons for us to pick this product as the winner.

The best way to test drills is by boring holes continuously or driving screws and removing them. This is the way to pressure test the device and also check its battery performance. When the Dewalt DCD771 model was tested this way, it was able to break all the records by driving 256 screws at a stretch and drilling 18-inch holes into the timber. Impressive, is it not? So while buying the Dewalt 20V model, one has to check definitely for its warranty clauses and also the availability of extra battery and charger facility. It helps you to finish their chores at a stretch without worrying about the battery death. Amazon customers who have purchased this beautiful driller driver set have declared this wonder product ideal for home projects and have awarded five stars without fail. With awesome reviews from regular users, DIY experts, woodworkers and experienced carpenters the Dewalt DCD771 is the best of today.

Similar products in line with the Dewalt DCD771 that have sustained the performance tests, durability tests, regression tests and battery lifetime test. They also deliver maximum usability, durability, and versatility. They are reviewed based on their unfathomable feature set in the below paragraphs.

Runner Up: Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion Drill

For tool geeks, the name Milwaukee rings a bell. This red color cute drill cum driver delivers industry performance and can handle even heavy-duty application with ease. Plus this model is ergonomic, intuitive and intelligent with a compact body that can fit in any nook and the corner of the house and drill or drive screws into easily. The feature that has made M18 the first runner up is its faster mobility into concrete walls with the help of its four-pole motor. Also, this guy comes with a speed tuner trigger that helps one to control speed by their drilling needs. This model comes with a Milwaukee digital power management to prevent overload damage to the tool and the battery. There is also a temperature management system to monitor excessive heat dissipation. This tool comes with the five-year warranty, and the battery too is backed up with a five year or 2000-charge warranty. Customers who have bought and used Milwaukee M18 have vouched for its secure operations and have felt that they have completed their house repair task well ahead of time with the excellent support from this intelligent tool.

3rd In Competition: Bosch DBD181 Super Compact 18V

Can there be a possibility that Bosch stays behind in the race of the best cordless drills? The DBD181 is one of the most compact 1/2-inch drill cum drivers that is best suited to work in tight spaces based on volume measurements. Similar to its fellow friends, this guy too is lightweight, attractive in looks and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while working. This model can operate with high torque and speed and is the clear winner in the most powerful fastening and fast drilling tests. It works on 18V Bosch Lithium-ion batteries and comes with an electronic cell protection feature to increase battery life. Customers have rated this model 5 out 5 for its value addition and effectiveness. The brand Bosch has again hit the jackpot with the fastest rechargeable battery powered cordless drill for household usage. This model has a price around $120 and can be purchased for even better deals at online stores. The amazon.com customer base have approved DBD181 for its excellent packaging, the durable carry case and its unleashed functioning without repair for years. If one is unable to buy the Dewalt model, they can surely settle for the Bosch DBD 181 which is an excellent product for house projects.

Also Consider: Makita XDT08Z 18V LXT

The Matchless Makita XDT08Z LXT is another notable model among the brushless cordless drills that weighs just 3.4 pounds and is just seven to eight inches tall. Makita LXT has received five stars from the many of the amazon.com customers for its perfect balance of power, battery life and of course weight. This model requires one lithium ion battery and makes less noise compared to its contemporaries. The disadvantage of this model is that it does not come with speed adjustment or battery gauge. But overall its cost efficiency, durability, grip and low impact shock has made this model a customer favorite. This blue beauty has a hammer and anvil that are manufactured using high-quality impact-resistant raw materials that make it withstand unexpected harsh falls. This model is electronically controlled to optimize battery life and also comes with an electric brake. The built-in LED light for illumination helps one to carry on household drilling, screw fastening and also bolt tightening without professional help. This model thus has received positive reviews all over for its superior performance in the power/battery tests and is recommended if one wishes to help himself with house repairs.

Wrapping Up

Based on the adherence to industry standards, the technical specification, sales figures and customer feedback one can clearly declare the Dewalt DCD771 as the undisputable winner for its high performance and compact design. Are you ready to buy the Dewalt DCD model acknowledged as the best and carry your household drilling jobs with ease and comfort?




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Originally published: August 27, 2015

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