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  1. Perlle's "Authors listed in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die" 
  2. briarrabbitt's "Best Authors of all time" 
  3. Chris Nolan.ca's "My Favourite Writers" 
  4. Sword of Truth Series/ Terry Goodkind 
  5. 25 Radical Thinkers of the last 100 Years 
  6. The works of Terry Brooks 
  7. TaffyAnne's "Contemporary authors with longevity" 
  8. Anglophiles Anonymous's "Our Favourite Authors" 
  9. Books by Anne Rice 
  10. Best Chinese Historical Fiction Literature 
  11. Neil Moakley's "Vonnegut Bibliography" 
  12. Holeshammer's "Raymond E Feist's Midkemia / Kelewan series" 
  13. Margaret Atwood Books 
  14. The Complete Plays of Shakespeare 
  15. 250 authors every person should read 
  16. Nobel Prize Laureates in Literature 
  17. Books by Douglas Adams 
  18. The Writings Of Kurt Vonnegut 
  19. Best Chinese Outlawed Literature 
  20. Condé Nast's "The Ten Best Travel Photography Books of All Time" 

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