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  1. John Buchan Novels 
  2. Skeletongirl's "Enid Blyton - Famous Five" 
  3. Barbara Taylor Bradford Books 
  4. The Books of Alain de Botton 
  5. slickgl's "Ray Bradbury" 
  6. Peter V Brett Bibliography 
  7. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover novels 
  8. Bradley, Marion Zimmer's "Colin MacLaren series" 
  9. Bradley, Marion Zimmer's "Shadow's Gate series" 
  10. Bradley, Marion Zimmer's "Darkover series" 
  11. Entire Judy Blume 
  12. Richard Brautigan's Novels 
  13. Saul Bellow Bibliography 
  14. Nevada Barr Novels 
  15. Iain Banks' novels 
  16. The works of Terry Brooks 
  17. Books by or About Simone de Beauvoir 
  18. Books written by Lois McMaster Bujold 
  19. The Bronte sisters 
  20. Books by Edgar Rice Burroughs 

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