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  1. Everything by Madeleine L'Engle 
  2. The Novels of William Gibson 
  3. The Chronicles of Pern 
  4. Jack Kerouac's Novels 
  5. Writings of Ayn Rand 
  6. Margaret Yorke Bibliography 
  7. John Saul Bibliography 
  8. Iain Banks' novels 
  9. Sarah Dessen Novels 
  10. Books by George Orwell 
  11. The works of Terry Brooks 
  12. The Novels of Albert Camus 
  13. Little House on the Prairie Books 
  14. Works of Italo Calvino 
  15. Books by David Mitchell 
  16. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare 
  17. Steinbeck books 
  18. mitsan's "Jasper Fforde's Novels" 
  19. Stephenie Meyer Books 
  20. Umberto Eco novels 

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